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1.  "Membership Has Expired" Message - What Does This Mean? 

If you encounter this message while you are trying to register your participant for a league-based activity, it means the physical we have on file for your participant has expired. Get physical form 

2.  Does the Recreation Department have a hotline?

Yes. Call our hotline at 216-529-4117  for the latest information regarding cancellations and scheduling changes.

3.  How do I join the Fitness Facility?

Feel free to stop by and take a look. We are located at Lakewood High School on Bunts and Franklin via door 31. You can walk in to sign up. It takes about five minutes and can be done right before your first workout.  Membership Form

4.  Why do I need a physical form?

Every child who plays a group sport must have an updated physical form on file before they can register for a sport.  

5.  How can I become a volunteer coach? 

First step is to fill out the volunteer coach form. Once the form is complete, call the Recreation Dept.  (216-529-4081) to make an appointment  to be fingerprinted for a background check.

6.  Where is the Community Recreation and Education Department located? 

We are located at Lakewood High School. Door 31 is on the corner of Franklin and Bunts. Parking is available on Bunts Road

7.  How do I report a field or facility problem?

If you wish to report a problem you can do so with our Field Facilities Report & Repair Request - click here to fill out the form.                                                                            
 8.  Did you know the Community  Recreation and Education Department is a part of the Lakewood City School District?

The history of the Lakewood Community Recreation & Education department began in June of 1918 and in 1925 the City of Lakewood relinquished its control of the department over to the Lakewood Board of Education.  For a full detailed summary of the history of the Lakewood Recreation Department, please read here!