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Scholarship Fund

In need of a scholarship?

The Community Recreation & Education Department offers scholarships for Lakewood residents to register for a department activity. Scholarships are applicable to programs/activities, excluding travel sports & the Fitness Facility, in the amount of $75 per child per calendar year. Click on the button below for scholarship criteria and to apply:

Scholarship Application

Want to contribute to scholarship fund?

The Lakewood City Schools Community Recreation & Education Department provides opportunities for children to participate in healthy activities and educational programs year round.  However,  community members that are in need of financial assistance may be limited in their ability to participate, and we want everyone to have a chance to play. If you would like to help a child have equal access to these great opportunities, please consider donating online or via check.  Thank you for supporting our Lakewood children.


You may also send a check payable to:

Lakewood Board of Education
14100 Franklin Blvd.
Lakewood, OH 44107